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Hello and welcome to 

Vintage Hill Studio

Hi there, I'm Melanie. It's very exciting to be able to share my passion for paper crafting with you. After a long career in project management and technology I began a new chapter in my life to utilize my artistic abilities. The story behind my business name? Well, it reflects an old soul appreciation for the quality and craftsmanship associated with another era.  My work is a composite of finer detail and craftsmanship as found in "Vintage" photos and wares. The "'Hill" represents life's constant transition of either going up  hill or down hill; both can be exhilarating or intimidating.  I choose to focus on the positive, so let's go with "exhilarating". The "Studio" is where I create my works of heart.  It brings me immense joy to share my creativity with others.  It is my hope that you will find unique value and unequivocal quality in the extra little details that define my work.  

           Creativity is the heartbeat of the soul - Melanie Weise    

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