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Cards from Vintage Linens - video tutorial

Hello! I'm so excited to share these cards made from Vintage Linens! As you might know, I am a proponent for recycle/repurpose/reuse projects, so this card tutorial fully aligns with my mission to give new life to old things. Now, I would never use vintage linens that are in pristine condition, but I really can justify repurposing old, stained, torn and outcast linens. It's fulfilling to be able to "rescue" some of these pieces of handcrafted art when they are destined for the trash. By cutting them apart and making them into cards, the best parts become shareable treasures worth the effort of salvaging in a disposable society. I have to say, that people are a lot like these linens; we get a little frayed around the edges, a few stains from life in general and sometimes even rips that leave scars, but that doesn't make us disposable. We just have to look at ourselves a bit differently and focus on our best selves and we find out that we all have something positive worth sharing.

Check out my new YouTube video tutorial to repurpose vintage linens into cards. You can also click on the image below.


  • 5" x 7" Cream card panel

  • 5" x 7" Cream, heavy card stock card base

  • Various linens, cut down to a little larger than 5" x 7"

  • Heat n Bond Ultrahold Iron-On Adhesive (it's Acid Free)


  • Adhere Heat n Bond to back of linen piece, according to package directions

  • Peel off Heat n Bond liner and iron linen piece to 5" x 7 " card panel

  • Trim any excess linen edges so they align with the 5" x 7 " card panel

  • Adhere card panel to front of 5" x 7" card base

Below are a few more examples of cards made from vintage linens.

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