Rescued Vanity Bench

October 18, 2017

Okay, so rescuing chairs or benches is both a challenge and an outlet for artistic endeavors.  What could be better?  I like to find the neglected, slightly damaged stuff that has potential when re-envisioned and refurbished.  I should mention that I have become fairly adequate with power tools out of necessity.  If I commit to "fix" a piece of furniture, I want to do it right and oftentimes that means taking each piece apart and rebuilding it.  I shore up the rickety, buff out the blemishes, sand down the foundation.  A lot of work goes into these pieces before the fun part of painting begins.  I call the wood filler "botox for furniture" and sandpaper is "plastic surgery".   Again, why spend time and effort on the art if the foundation is not in good shape?  Not going to do that, so, therein lies the need for pre-op and surgery.  Sometimes, I don't know the extent of the need for fixing up a piece until I get it home.  Some pieces require a lot more work that others and sometimes there are a few bad words sprinkled in as I begin taking stuff apart.  But then, there is the end product and seeing the results is fulfilling to me.  I donate some of my work to charity and some of it goes into shops or art shows.  The best part is knowing that the piece is not going to the landfill and each one has a new life!  



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